Thursday, March 21, 2013

La Costa Properties Monaco

Based in the world’s smallest Principality, La Costa Properties Monaco is a luxury real estate agency with an attractive portfolio of properties for rent and sale in this small, but perfectly formed city-state on the French Riviera.

Thanks to its extremely pleasant climate, advantageous tax system and exquisite location on the legendary Cote d’Azur, between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, The Principality of Monaco has always been a sought-after place of residence for families and individuals of means in search of a safe, beautiful environment in which to retreat to.

With a staff of experienced professionals and a hand-picked selection of high-quality properties that range from offices and chic studios to elegant penthouses with breathtaking views of the sea, La Costa Properties Monaco has established itself as a fine choice for investors within Monaco’s competitive marketplace. Thus, whether you’re looking to rent an apartment in the short-term, acquire a holiday home for the long-term or indeed, make Monaco a way of life by establishing your residence here, La Costa Properties Monaco is at your disposal.


Looking for a quality rental property in Monaco and beyond? La Costa Properties Monaco is an authority in the Principality’s luxury segment providing a wide selection of first-class apartments, penthouses and stylish offices. Within this elite portfolio, customers have the opportunity to find properties available for both short-term rentals, as well as for longer stays, each unique yet the same in their endeavors to provide a high standard of quality. However, if none of the properties listed appeals to you, don’t hesitate to contact of their professional agents for assistance. They’ll certainly help find something to satisfy all of your needs.


For those willing to enter Monaco’s real estate scene and buy a property here, La Costa Properties Monaco offers an exquisite collection of villas, elegant penthouses, apartments, studios and even parking spaces and commercial properties for sale.
Moreover, la Costa Properties Monaco’s highly qualified and discreet agents are always on hand to place their expertise to your disposal. They not only strive to find the property best suited to their client’s needs, but they also take part in the entire transaction process from the negotiations to the collection of keys.
With headquarters in the center of town near the famous Casino Gardens, La Costa Properties Monaco should be your first stop in your search for Monaco real estate.


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