Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sugar Beach, Viceroy Resort, St.Lucia

Gorgeous palm-studded beaches and furtive coves, rain forests brimming with picturesque waterfalls and serene skies dipping in a glittering ocean - It could easily be heaven, but it’s a small tropical gem in the Caribbean, the stunningly beautiful island of St. Lucia. And within this lush paradise surrounded by clear waters, somewhere between the outstanding Val de Pitons, lie the exclusive Sugar Beach Residences.

Aiming to provide the perfect home in paradise, the resort combines all the advantages of one of the world’s most spectacular settings with the timeless elegance of the French colonial style. Operated by the renowned Viceroy Hotel Group, Sugar Beach Residences offer 5-star quality services and luxury accommodations exquisitely designed by award-winning architects. Moreover, each property is unique and individually tailored to the owner’s tastes and needs, so whatever your idea of style, the resort’s interior designers will make sure you’ll get what you want.

In addition to the stylish furniture that complements each room, every single residence is gifted with large infinity pool, spacious terrace overlooking the magnificent scenery, including the famous Pitons nearby, as well as luxuriant landscaped garden, full of native tropical plants and trees. All in all, buyers will have the opportunity to savor the sweet Caribbean lifestyle while being pampered with the finest service and facilities.
Top amenities include unparalleled dining opportunities, amazing spa services and a full range of water sports and activities. Dining experiences range from gourmet à la carte and special private dinners served in your residence by the hotel’s highly qualified chefs to casual hors d’oeuvres on the beach.

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