Friday, March 21, 2014


Founded in 1939, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd is the only Swiss company to develop, produce and sell aircraft to customers around the world. Pilatus is currently developing the PC-24 – the world’s first ever business jet for use on short unmade runways.
The world’s first and only Super Versatile Jet
The PC-24 is the only aircraft combining the versatility of a turbo- prop with the cabin size of a medium-light jet, and the performance of a light jet. It’s a plane that simply doesn’t fit into any of the existing business jet categories. Pilatus had to create a new category for the PC-24: the Super Versatile Jet category.
The Pilatus Aircraft PC-24 is able to operate on runways with a length of 3,130 feet (954 m) and can therefore access to around 10,650 airports in the world. There are an additional 1,300 airports that become available as the PC-24 needs only 2,690 feet (820 m). The PC-24 can operate from paved to unpaved surfaces which gives access to the PC-24 to more than 21,000 airports worldwide.
Therefore, with the Pilatus Aircraft PC-24, you can fly closer to your final destination than with any other business jet and you’ll be able to use smaller airports and avoid massive administrative procedures, and reduce ground transfer time to an absolute minimum.
Plenty of headroom
The PC-24’s cabin volume tops business jets costing almost twice as much. The interior of the PC-24 has been designed from the outset for quick and easy reconfiguration – an option not found in many other business jets.
Each passenger seat features quick-change capability enabling its addition or removal in just a few minutes. The aft partition is movable so you can easily enlarge the passenger cabin or increase the baggage compartment volume for each and every flight. The Pilatus Aircraft PC-24 features a fully enclosed, externally serviceable private lavatory that is highly discreet and seamlessly integrated into the forward area of the cabin.
Being a Super Versatile Jet, the PC-24 will find popularity in a number of other roles – like cargo, medevac, commuter, or governmental special-mission applications, just to name a few.
The volume of the PC-24’s baggage compartment surpasses what is available on aircraft costing millions more to buy and operate. Your valuable belongings will always be carried in a heated and fully pressurized cabin section, which is accessible at any time during the flight.
Designed for 45,000 feet and two hands
All Pilatus aircraft are certified for single-pilot oper ation. The cockpit layout is efficient and intuitive. From the comfort of his seat, the pilot finds an environment that has been designed specifically to reduce workload and improve safety while providing full situational awareness under all circumstances. Simply put, the Pilatus Aircraft PC-24 is the perfect combination of single-pilot operational know-how, and state- of-the-art avionics technology.
Its first flight is scheduled for late 2014, and its entry into service for 2017, at a price of 6.529.300 Euro 
(9 million U.S. Dollars).

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