Thursday, March 20, 2014


Alchemist London, curators and purveyors of mankind’s most lavish and desirable gifts, set out to create an item that was so luxurious it would redefine the meaning of grandeur. The seven month journey has culminated in the production of the most sought after piece of customised technology available in the world today: the million dollar iPhone.


What inspired The Alchemist to create this one-of-a-kind 1 million Dollar iPhone? He dreams about a perfect world like a child whose pelagic imagination knows no boundaries. ”I have always been inspired by Existence. Existence itself has a miraculous and magical quality to it. It is Mysterious. It is Alluring. and for anyone that has ever meditated for any length of time, will know, that ones very essence is enigmatic, provocative, and indeed miraculous. The profound beauty, which is the core of existence itself, the majesty that one finds at the core of ones being. This is where the Alchemist derives inspiration to go on to manifest that beauty in the works of Art he produces. Each piece imbued with that Energy, that vibrant Vitality found at the core of Being, the core of your very own Self. This is the Alchemists inspiration, and this he brings to you…”

The most decadent phone to grace the face of the planet

Alchemist London are world renowned for the exclusivity of their creations, and now, with their dazzling Million Dollar iPhone, have taken things to the next level. The design has been called: “A challenge of epic aesthetic and technical proportions!” Alchemist London have not only met the challenge, they have exceeded it. The Million Dollar iPhone is a functional work of art that needs to be seen to be believed. It is trendsetting, news making and awe inspiring – the pinnacle of luxury for those that demand it. With the debut limited to just two units, whether you are leader in the tech field, a fine jewel enthusiast or someone who revels in only the best, now is the time to experience this fabulous creation.

The Million Dollar Gold and Diamond iPhone took 5 months to produce. Limited to only two ever being created, it’s the most unique Smartphone ever created with materials and craftsmanship of the most esteemed quality used throughout. With a bezel handmade from 24 carat, Gold plated with over 1600 individual flawless F grade Diamonds lining the sides of the piece totalling over 16 carats, the Million Dollar iPhone is dazzling ! Moreover, the main navigation button is crafted from 24 carat Gold plating, holding a single cut 2ct Diamond.

The Million Dollar iPhone comes unlocked to work on any carrier network throughout the world. And a lifetime warranty for any technical faults or minor cosmetic damage.

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