Sunday, March 22, 2015

Amilla Fushi, Luxury Resort in the Maldives

There are plenty of marvelous resorts on the beautiful tropical islands that comprise the Maldives (many of them we’ve showcased in the past).

Perhaps the youngest of them all is Amilla Fushi Resort, which has just opened on February 1st this year.

Like most other high-end Maldivian retreats, Amilla Fushi is surrounded by lush vegetation, as well as excellent white sandy beaches which are themselves caressed by the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Accommodations include both 12-meter-high tree houses and ocean villas offering immediate access to the shoreline. Whichever you choose depends mostly on which part of the island you’re particularly interested in, since all of them are comfortable, spacious, and well-appointed. The service, meanwhile, is irreproachable and dining options are first-rate.

Though this is new resort, Amilla Fushi is no gamble, but another great addition to the excellent selection of travel destinations strewn across the Maldives.

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