Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Beautiful Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette by Jacob & Co.

 Beautiful Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette by Jacob & Co.

The watch was created in such a way as to allow the wearer to have a look into its wonderfully complex inner workings, but not in the usual way, by fitting the piece with a transparent caseback or dial. Instead, the Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette features a series of smaller sapphire crystals which are windows into the movement, with a larger crystal covering everything else. Even more eye-catching are the myriad diamonds adorning the piece, 16 carats-worth of precious stones invisibly-set on the dial and lugs.

This glittering timepiece comes with a 50 mm, 18-carat rose gold case, housing the exclusive Jacob & Co Manual Winding JCEM01 Caliber.
The Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette by Jacob & Co. has all the makings of an horological masterpiece, so it’s only appropriate it comes with an incredibly steep price tag of just over $1 million! It costs as much as a supercar, but it’s just as likely to turn heads, so there will probably be no shortage of watch aficionados with very deep pocket willing to shell out that sum.

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