Saturday, January 9, 2016

Keemala, Luxury Hotel in Phuket,Thailand

When staying at Keemala Phuket one would not be surprised if a fairy, nymph or some otherworldly creature flitted by your earthy villa of surreal luxury at what promises to be the most innovative and creative resort yet to be seen on the beautiful tropical island of Phuket.

Expect sheer unadulterated pleasure when staying at Keemala Phuket in any one of their quirky designed Clay Pool Cottages, a tent pool villa, a tree pool house or wonder of all wonders, a bird’s nest pool villa.  This is definitely no ordinary resort of organic earthly dimensions, but one that has been created with a lust for a fairyland of rapture in a tropical rainforest in Kamala on Phuket Island, Thailand. If you have a whimsical desire to escape reality, to gain back a sense of balance in your life where fantasy and reality collide, then this is the place to be.
Nestled into the hills in lush verdant jungle, Keemala is the true retreat from the stress of life in general, where you can find the self-indulgence of solace and pampering in a traditional healing spa of Thai and Tibet origins amidst the whispering trees and the gentle sound of running water in streams. You can have a spa experience with your partner or relish time alone; whatever takes your fancy in the Mala Spa.  But your body will have total bliss out moments in the sauna or aromatherapy bath, whilst wafting exquisite fragrances calm your mind.
Some may say, the bliss out moments are of the gastronomical variety when delving into the cuisine on offer. Keemala promises that your dining adventure will be a “Feast for the Senses” whether in the designated dining area, or at one of the many secrete spots hidden around the resort for private romantic dining or picnics with a difference. The wine list will have your pallet salivating, as there is an excellent and varied cellar selection of international and boutique wines all hand selected to compliment your meals.
The funky and so sleek style uses natural building materials in the creation of the fantasy dwellings.  The clay cottages represent the earthiness and the agricultural prowess of the Pa-ta-pea clan. The tented villas show the nomadic illusion of the Khon-Jorn tribe, who wandered and lived by their skills of hunting and trading. Whilst the We-Ha clan are said to have worshiped the universe and wanted to be closer to the sky, hence they built their bauble-shaped homes in trees.  The Rung-Nok tribe valued their privacy and protection and built homes that resembled bird nests. All of the villas have plush linens and a floating light ambience decorated with local art.

It will be hard to pull yourself away from this wonderland, but if you desire to leave your safe haven of indulgence, Patong and its raucous lifestyle sits in juxtaposition to your heavenly retreat just moments away with Kamala Beach next door.  The Andaman Sea is waiting for when you just have to get the sand between your toes or to indulge in a water sport that is a bit hard to experience in your crystal clear swimming pool.  Phuket Town may give you itchy feet to step back into the real world with its amazing array of restaurants, nightclubs and bars for a night of decadence of a different sort.

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