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In the far distant Rajanthani, the Rambagh Palace hotel overlooks the streets of the region’s capital city. The celebrated Indian designer Amit Gahlot took this run down former palace and transformed it into luxury hotel with gold finishes, frescoes and mosaics, plunging visitors into the sumptuous and eccentric universe of the Jaipur maharajahs.

The hotel’s 46 rooms and 33 suites open onto a 49 hectare garden and pay tribute to traditional Indian architecture. The marble interiors and silk fabrics cast a veil of elegance over this ancient palace. Although the controversial princely ceremonies of the past are over, the rumor is that they were replaced by more recent sumptuous celebrations thrown by Prince Charles, Jackie Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis.


The tall, imposing Rambagh Palace, a daring blend of Rajpoute and Moghol architecture, dominates the streets of the “pink city”, the remains of an era when Jaipur discovered the modern world under the leadership of the sovereign Ram Singh II. This former princes’ residence has been converted into a luxury hotel belonging to the Taj Hotel chain. The palace walls plunge the visitor into the opulent, extravagant and decadent universe of these Rajpoute princes who were more inclined to squander their fortunes than to rule over the people. 

Gilded decorations, sculpted arches, frescoes, mosaics, pink marble and royal family portraits adorn the interiors, of which many are still intact, invoking the memories of the close ties the maharajahs had with the British crown. The Rambagh Palace has not lost any of the festive atmospheres that existed here in the past. Still today, numerous soirées and receptions are held around the immense swimming pool, decorated with mosaics. Rumor has it that sumptuous parties were organized here by Prince Charles, Jacqueline Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis, although nobody is around to prove it. The time of the Durbars and their opulent ceremonies did exist however, and serve as motivation for present day celebrations.

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