Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lounge On Wheels Is Based On A Mercedes Viano

Designed by a British company named Carisma Auto Design, this very special Mercedes Viano is an exceptionally luxurious project that will most likely astound you.
Basically a lounge on wheels, this car is spacious enough for up to five passengers, and it can be customized extensively according to its owner’s needs.

The vehicle was created for a rich customer from Dubai, and it includes luxurious captain seats with diamond stitching seat backs and buttons, as well as internal side panels enveloped in high-end leather. Of course, you could choose to adorn your ride with Premium European leathers, and you could also have your pick from over 400 colors, textures and grains, not to mention the over 50 exotic wood veneer options. Apart from these lavish treatments, this car incorporates a soundproofed rear cabin outfitted with a 40” Smart TV, iPod connections, an upgraded AC system and an integrated fridge-freezer with a crystal glass cabinet.

Upon request, Carisma Auto can install a high fidelity audio system with Bang & Olufsen speakers and a pair of 19” LED screens that would replace the 40” smart TV. Other optional features include In-car WiFi, PlayStation or Xbox integration, an On-Board PC or Apple MAC Mini server and an iPad control screen. All you have to do is come up with the Mercedes Viano and a pile of money, and Carisma Auto will do the rest.

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