Sunday, April 10, 2016

Magnificent « Castle of la Croix des Gardes » at the French Riviera

A historic estate on the picturesque coast of the French Riviera is available for sale through Sotheby’s.
‘Castle of la Croix des Gardes’ is a magnificent property located in an exclusive part of the famed resort – away from prying eyes.

The hilltop reveals panoramic views of the gulf and is just few short minutes away from the port of Cannes and the beautiful Palais des Festivals. The estate overlooks the legendary neighborhood and provides much-needed seclusion and privacy for the owner.

Throughout the years, ‘Castle of la Croix des Gardes’ has had many renowned owners and has undergone extensive renovations and refurbishments to become its modern version of today. A spectacular amalgam of contemporary luxury and proud historic traditions that bridge the gap between past and present. Located on roughly 1,200 square metres, it is renovated in a neo-Palladian style by English architect Alan Gore.  Apart from the castle itself, there is also a spacious guest house, staff accommodation quarters and several outbuildings scattered around the park.
The garden is immaculately manicured and maintained, following the fashion of the French royals in the 17th and 18th centuries.  There is a tennis court and an infinite pool to overlook the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Lion.

High ceilings, Florentine-style facades, exposed wooden beams and floor-to-ceiling French windows give the property an exquisite regal ambiance coupled with a warm Mediterranean feel. The property has seen many famous guests throughout the years, being the location, where immortal Hollywood legends Grace Kelly and Cary Grant filmed ‘To Catch a Thief’.
Price for the exclusive property is available on request, although its estimated value is about $53.5million (Million 46.9). 13,000 square feet(1200 sqm) of living space include 13 bedrooms and nine bathrooms, a winter garden, a Turkish lodge, outdoor tennis court and infinity pool. The grandeur of the castle is complemented by its manicured gardens overlooking the Bay of Cannes.

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