Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge edition

What makes Rolls Royce so luxurious?

Of course, their engines are really sophisticated, driver's cabin is beautifully designed as the most expensive hotel suites and its presence on the road is powerful. The level of customization to customers' wishes is an item that makes Rolls Royce cars stand out from the mass of others, because they will carry out millions of permutations and combinations to meet the needs of their esteemed customers. When we talk about the Rolls, everything is changeable - from the color of the body, to wrap, seat covers and everything else that is in the driver's cabin.

Now, people from the brand took luxury to a whole new level, creating models that are intended for younger people. As people from the company say, these new models are defiant, powerful and bold. By all accounts, the founders of start-up companies, children of billionaire oligarchs and sheikhs and young successors wanted a black Rolls Royce.

Consequently, the company has transferred luxury to the dark side, with the help of their Black Badge offer, which is available for Ghost model and Wraith model with two doors. Spirit of Ecstasy and double R on the hood now have a black painted finish. All chrome details were given treatment with dark colors, while the wheels are made of a composite carbon fiber and aluminum, which is the result of four years of research and development.

Black used to “pimp” these cars is not an ordinary black - as say people from the Rolls Royce brand, it is the darkest and deepest blacks ever seen on a car. The interior has a lining of super-thin aluminum in combination with carbon, which is then covered with six layers of varnish, dried for 72 hours and hand-polished.

Under the hood, things have also changed. Ghost model engine received an additional 40 HP, the transmission speed is aggressive and stays for longer periods. In essence, driving these cars will now be much more exciting. Unlike other models of the Rolls, this should be enjoyed from the driver's seat, not the back seat. Black Badge Wraith model received similar treatment. Prices of these vehicles are not yet known, but we are sure it will be very high.

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