Thursday, October 27, 2016


Beverly Hills is the turning point of fashion, luxury and dreamed estates in United-States. So it is logically the best place to find a family home both trendy, cosy and decadent alike 1231 Lago Vista Drive, specially imagined by one of the most famous fashion designer.


Charles Park is one of the most famous fashion designers in Beverly Hills. He has especially created the brands Pure Sugar and Sugarlips and has also imagined his own estate, located at 1231 Lago Vista Drive, a splendid 14.173 sq.ft home with 7 bedrooms and 11 baths.

He has benefited from his long experience and tastes in terms of tendencies, colours arrangement, textile, materials, but also light and lines. So the property at 1231 Lago Vista Drive appears to be the trendiest house at that time.


Imagining his project for 1231 Lago Vista Drive, Charles Park wanted to build a family home in which the owner would like to live for the rest of his life. So no expense was spared and there, materials and furnishings are truly impressive.

So you’ll find Mooi chandeliers at 1231 Lago Vista Drive, but also two remarkable floating staircases, and even an original Andy Warhol that greets your guests. Concerning the materials, all the main level and bathrooms feature Nano Glass that appears to be scratch & stainproof stone composite slab. There again, all carpeting is custom-sized and hand-knotted.

Concerning the technologies, even the huge elevators and air conditioning vents were built to complete the house design, and keep a refined and sleek appearance. At 1231 Lago Vista Drive almost one million dollars was spent in furnishings until floor to ceiling Rimadesio Italian glass magnetic door. Finally you can also find a 600-bottle backlit wine cellar that opens with your fingerprints, a cinema room and a fitness room located at the centre of the house, near the master bedroom.

Outside 1231 Lago Vista Drive, you can easily imagine yourself swimming in the 15m zero edge pool or resting near the barbecue under the patio.

If you imagine yourself to, living in this amazing property for the rest of your life, you’ll have to spend 43.900.000 dollars to become the new owner!

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