Friday, October 21, 2016


BMW used to imagine future vehicles with four or two wheels ten years before. But for its centenary, the brand has a head start again presenting for the first time Motorrad Vision Next 100, a bike designed 30 years before time.


BMW tried to imagine was future would be concerning two wheels mobility, and the way to feel a true freedom on the road while driving Motorrad Vision Next 100. This high-end machine is a true companion for the pilot that pays homage to the brand’s past vehicles in a futuristic way.

Then Vision Next 100 has the same iconic elements as BMW usual bikes like the black triangular frame, a classical form concerning twin cylinder but with no emission this time. The frame is particularly referring to first BMW bike: BMW R32 from 1923. But this time, there is no visible articulation even with a “basic” look. The ergonomics have been rethought and the handlebars position reminds actual roadsters but with a new wind protection that reminds shrouds integral bikes.

Looking towards future, Vision Next 100 presents black mat textile, with a BMW logo that illuminates the frame on routes, with the emblematic white and blue colors. Always concerning the design, there is a flexframe extending from front to rear wheel that can distort to allow the bike to change direction easily. So the pilot will have no difficulty to move his vehicle when it is stationary or to keep control at high speeds. Then, the powertrain emits no emission and the engine block can deploy literally to protect the pilot from weather elements and to improve the bike’s aerodynamic functions.


If Vision Next 100 presents a truly minimalist design and a slender silhouette, made with high-end elements. So the saddle, superior shroud and the fender are made with carbon, while two double C are situated under the saddle and represent BMW optics but in a futuristic way. Then, Vision Next 100’s tires can adapt to the road and have never been so safe or adherent.

Concerning cables, display or switch button, nothing is visible on Vision Next 100 except a red button located at the right of the handle bars that allow to lock and unlock the gas.


Vision Next 100 is more than a simple bike, it is a true assistant and the safest companion for the pilot thanks to numeric development. Then the bike can anticipate the different delicate driving situations and its active assistance systems make all protection outdated. The pilot can be warned in case of difficult maneuver or actions and the fall is impossible. The bike can equilibrate without special maneuver at high speeds, while cornering and even when stationary. So debutants will have no problem while driving and experts could test new sensations and driving situations.

But Vision Next 100’s numeric assistant is far from being invasive! Is displays information only if the pilots want to and stays at the background. The information is given through the Visor, a head-mounted display that protects from the wind, and projects the information in the pilot’s visual field, while the usual vision field is still free of any disturbance. If the pilot does not react quickly, the bike makes the necessary readjustments itself. Look up and you’ll see your rearview mirror, look down and you’ll see your itinerary.

Finally, is there is no particular protection necessary for the pilot, BMW has imagined a new suit for the pilot that will accompany Vision Next 100. This one also has innovative functions such as air-conditioning to regulate the pilot’s temperature, a headrest that relieves the neck at high speeds and even sensors that verify constantly your pulse and temperature to regulate your functions in case of important stress. Then if you miss an important information on the Visor, your suit will vibrate on the legs and arms level to warn you concerning navigation or if the bike’s inclination is too important.

Logically, at the end of this article you should wondering where you will be in 30 years, and hope that the next years won’t be too long before riding your Vision Next 100!

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