Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Renault Trezor concept is a French design beauty

Renault Make Science-Fiction Fans Dreams Come True With The Trezor Concept
The Trezor Concept has warm, simple, sensual lines and Renault design cues and offers a foretaste of the connectivity and increasingly refined interiors in future Renaults.

The Trezor is a two-seater electric coupé embodying the new design philosophy Renault introduced on its DeZir concept in 2010 before inspiring the lines of new Clio in 2012. With its powerful styling and Passion Red coachwork, the DeZir heralded the first stage of a design strategy founded on the cycle of life: falling in love. The Trezor goes further, by symbolising feelings of maturity and commitment. It reflects the maturity of Renault’s designs – a factor that, since 2014, has become the primary reason driving customers to purchase one of the brand’s vehicles.

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