Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Venice: it reminds us of its gondolas, its historical and unique style, its world renowned monuments and all its canals and lagoons that border its antique buildings…
Not far from the city center, Belmond Hotel Cipriani, one of the most exclusive hotel of the Italian city offers you luxury, serenity and breathtaking surrounding for you and your “Amore”.


Through its 95 rooms and suites, Belmond Hotel Cipriani will let you discover all Venice traditional art and modern luxury, all of that overhanging verdant gardens, lagoon and even the fabulous Saint-Marc place and Doge’s palace.

Most demanding travellers will certainly choose the Dogaressa Suite at Belmond Hotel Cipriani, decorated with artisanal and refined objects, trimmed with first-choice tissues and all of that in an 18th-century inspired style. The main room is entirely secluded above the hotel’s gardens and the bathroom of the suite that is made with pink marble will surely seduce all the ladies.

But the most remarkable suite at Belmond Hotel Cipriani remains the splendid Palladio Suite, with its huge bay windows that offer a 180° view on the lagoon. In addition to the spacious and refined rooms, you will find in this suite two marble bathrooms and an access by your own dock. Then you can enjoy your own private plunge pool and Jacuzzi directly on your terrace. It is ideal for honeymooners isn’t it? And during the day, leave this exquisite comfort to explore the island’s treasures and most romantic sites.


To relax, Belmond Hotel Cipriani has the only pool you can find in Venice city center, and it is not a simple pool because it is also considered as one of the most beautiful ones in Europe! Heated and filled with filtered saltwater, it is the ideal place to relax with a cocktail specially prepared by the hotel team members, coming with a first-choice snack!

Before or after plunging in the pool, you can also discover Belmond Hotel Cipriani’s fitness centre and be guided by your personal coach, whether with the cutting edge apparels or discovering at the same time Giudecca Island. Savour the view of the garden directly from the gym! Then, let’s get pampered at the hotel’s Spa or in the secluded gardens, not far from the tennis courts, with a delicate massage, in the steamroom or refresh your look at the hotel’s hair saloon.

Belmond Hotel Cipriani‘s ultimate pride stands in its Michelin starred restaurant, the Oro, which the name evokes its golden ceilings. This address is also considered as one of the most renowned in Venice thanks to its culinary traditions melted to contemporary cuisine under the supervision of Chef Davide Bisetto. Under Murano chandeliers or on the exclusive terrace observing the lagoon, you can savour the freshest products and best Venetian vines.

Finally, Belmond Hotel Cipriani also offers unique activities along the canals, both with kayaks, gondolas or pedal boats, and let you discover rarely visited sites around various themes such as photography, cinema or artisanal shopping. You can go and explore the hundred of surrounding islands and grottos that tourists are not used to visit, but also wineries, monasteries or even chocolate factories to awake all your senses!

So Belmond Hotel Cipriani is surely a first-choice destination for a memorable stay, discovering Italian Dolce Vita!

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