Friday, January 6, 2017

Submolition: the world’s most expensive restaurant

A truly unique multi-sensory experience…

See… a modern environment where everything- floor, walls and table- is transformed into a virtual show with multiple moving pictures and themes. Some of these scenes are: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, North Pole, The Sea in the Mouth, Versailles, and Hell.

Taste… interesting molecular meals with Mediterranean flavors and amazing dishes such as foie gras doughnut, Nitrogen-frozen olive oil parcels, lemon meringue ice cream and sprinkles of coconut flakes.

Feel…the excitement! While the restaurant does not reveal which dishes make up the menu, the mystery and the curiosity remain until the last minute. The whole dining experience includes the combination of technology, art, and food.

The chef                  
Paco Roncero earned two Michelin stars with his restaurant Terraza del Casino de Madrid. He won La Real Academia de Gastronomía's National Gastronomy Award in 2006, and he was a judge on the reality television show MasterChef Colombia. 

“I am very excited and convinced that those who visit us will enjoy a totally new experience", said Roncero during the presentation of Submolition restaurant, adding, “I chose Ibiza as the best location because it is one of the most international destinations in the world, with an increasingly demanding public, eager for new and evolving culinary offerings.” 

Submolition offers the one-of-a-kind theatrical dining experience and it is located inside the HardRock Hotel Ibiza. The exclusive dinners are limited to 12 costumers per shift and you can reserve one seat or the entire table. The cost is 2,000€ ($2,972) per person.

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