Monday, February 13, 2017

Taboo, the ultimate yacht fantasy

Design studios Gill Schmid (New York) and Tim Dempers (Cape Town) just unveiled their brand new project, a wonderful super yacht designed for the adventure, spreading over 90 meters of pure luxury.
Despite its huge cruising boat style, the Taboo super yacht was imagined for the adventurers looking for adrenaline, ready to explore the most remote regions of the world. Technically created to face the polar zones and tropical places, it offers an amazing luxury for its numerous passengers, ready for holidays with their friends or family (more than 26 passengers and 40 staff members can be on board).

For stronger sensations, the yacht is equipped with a landing strip for planes and helicopters, a submarine, some top of the range sea toys and... a hot air balloon ! To relax, farniente lovers can chill around the large central swimming-pool surrounded by aquariums filled with exotic fishes.
The decoration is sophisticated, highlighting transparency with huge picture windows and wooden battens looking like the most beautiful tropical palaces. Other delights, a second swimming-pool with its solarium, two jacuzzis, a Spa, a fitness center, a panoramic cocktail lounge, a casino and some VIP cabins. An extraordinaire project that is waiting for its first buyer.

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