Friday, February 10, 2017

The Balé: Bali's Most Romantic Resort

Balé Resort Indonesia is an exclusive destination strictly dedicated to couples who wish to resource in a dreamed décor and reconnect themselves together, but with unparalleled style and luxury!


Balé Resort Indonesia is a peaceful and luxurious retreat to recharge your batteries with your loved one and that is why children are not admitted. There, you will enter a true haven of peace and harmony surrounded by lush tropical gardens, luxurious and refined accommodations, each with its own private pool. There, staff members are considered with the same attention than the guests, the true secret of a warm welcome and pleasant stay!

At Balé Resort Indonesia you will be able to choose between 29 private pavilions, coming with a private concierge who will answer all your needs. All of these pavilions are spacious and comfortable and can welcome from two to four adults in a décor that has kept Indonesia’s cultural past while answering to the guest contemporary expectations.

There are 14 Single Pavilions at Balé Resort Indonesia that extends upon 240sq.m with a 4x8m private pool. As each pavilion, they offer many resting outdoor and indoor spaces with large sunbeds. They can welcome two adults unlike the 3 Double Pavilions made for four adults. These ones each represent 480sq.m with a larger pool (10mx15m). Finally the Deluxe Single Pavilions are made for the most demanding couples, and represent 350sq.m to 480sq.m. In addition to the 24H butler service, these pavilions offers daily cocktails at Fluid Lounge and TAPA, as well as daily lunch or dinner and even 60mn-treatment at the resort’s spa. En talking about cuisine and treatments…


Balé Resort Indonesia not only has amazing villas, but also prestigious services and amenities like its restaurants, excursions and spa.

So the lovers will taste new savours and have gastronomic diner by the resort’s pool, composed with seafood and light cuisine for lunch or dinner. The Spa at Balé Resort Indonesia also offers specific menu that correspond to the spa’s therapies for an healthy mind and body, using the region’s fresh fruits and herbs. But if you need a total privacy, you can also have dinner in your own pavilion! For the ones who fall in love with Balinese cuisine, they will be able to attend cooking classes to learn how to prepare complicated dishes made with hundred of spices.

On the contrary, if you want to distract yourself, there again the TAPA at Balé Resort Indonesia will fill your needs! There you can have dinner and then entertain yourself thanks to a large selection of tapas and a maximum of different savours with no distinction. Then at the end of your dinner, let’s have fun on the dancefloor with jazz musician and Djs. Don’t forget to refresh yourself at the bar and taste special cocktails invented by the staff members!

Balé Resort Indonesia’s Spa is certainly the quietest place in the resort, even more than the white-sand beaches and the luxury accomodations. There you can benefit from Balinese rituals and a wide range of massages and facial or body treatments like the unmistakable Crystal Healing Hot Stone therapy, directly issued from Asian culture. Shiatsu programs, meditation and yoga sessions are also offered to all the guests.

Finally, you will be able to enjoy a lot of activities on the Geger Beach, close to Balé Resort Indonesia, such as diving or surfing on the turquoise and warm waters, specific to this amazing destination.

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