Monday, March 27, 2017

And the world’s most followed hotel on Instagram is?

The iconic Burj Al Arab hotel recently crossed the 500k follower mark making it the world’s most followed hotel on Instagram.
The all-suite hotel is so luxurious that it is occasionally and erroneously described as the world’s only 7 Star hotel. A 24/7 butler, chauffeur Rolls Royces, helicopter transfers, revolving beds, gold plated iPads that double as the room’s remote controls the hotel is known to take pampering to the next level. What better way for the guests to show their experience and amazement to the world than on Instagram. The result – half a million and counting aspirations and compliments. Others iconic hotels from across the world dont even come close to the Burj Al Arab when it comes to Instagram followers, to put in perspective New York’s plaza hotel has 59.6k followers, London’s Ritz has 29k, the Four Seasons Paris has 115k, the Taj Mahal palace Mumbai has 15k, the Peninsula Hong Kong has 11k and the neighboring Emirates Palace has just 25k followers. 

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