Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cigarette’s New 50 Marauder AMG Unveiled in Miami

When two giants from automotive world both renowned for performance vehicles are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their collaboration, it leads to exceptional products like 50’ Marauder AMG, a lightweight boat and ultra-fast one that pays homage to new GT-R.


It is not only the anniversary of their collaboration that pushed Mercedes and Cigarette Racing to pay homage to the new GT-R with 50’ Marauder AMG. Indeed, it is also AMG model 50th anniversary. During the past decade, these two brands have dedicated their know-how to performance vehicles and have created eight exceptional models.

And it was at last Miami International Boat Show that the brands have unveiled 50’ Marauder AMG, the result of common values like innovation research, rapidity, style and comfort. To obtain more speed, these two giants have chosen an ultra-lightweight component putting carbon fibre everywhere on the boat: the deck, the console and even the cockpit. There is a racing style cabin, which is also the favourite playground of the two manufacturers. Even electrical system has taken weight saving!

Then, 50’ Marauder AMG compares itself to the supercar in terms of power thanks to two Mercury Racing 1550/1350 QC4v engines delivering up to 3.100hp. Thanks to a simple key fob, the operator can switch both engines power levels: the Race one that delivers up to 1550hp, and the Pleasure one that delivers up to 1.350hp.

In terms of design, 50’ Marauder AMG owns once again unique assets.


To pay homage to Mercedes model, many bespoke element have been created for 50’ Marauder AMG. It has particularly similar seats with geometrical inserts and wears proudly the AMG’s 50th Anniversary logo on the bow of the vessel.

Another reminder is the Green Hell Magno colour concerning 50’ Marauder AMG’s details that is immediately linked to Mercedes AMG GT-R as well as the “North Loop” logo that reminds the Nurburgring circuit, where the supercar has achieved an incredible 7:10.92 lap.

50’ Marauder AMG’s price has not been revealed and will only be précised to the future owners.

But this collaboration proves once again that Mercedes and Cigarette Racing can be really performing whether on roads or seas!

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