Monday, March 6, 2017


The time has come for Mercedes to introduce its new open-air 4×4, the Mercedes G650 Landaulet, true successor of the Maybach name that reveals itself unparalleled luxury, tradition and high-tech equipment. This new vehicle is strictly limited to 99 exclusive cars and will make its debut at next Geneva Motorshow.


Thanks to its numerous luxurious equipment and unparalleled comfort, both driver and passenger won’t make the difference between the Mercedes G650 Landaulet, a true off-road, and a sedan with private driver.

Indeed, Mercedes G650 Landaulet’s exclusive equipment and its electric fabric top provide to the first Maybach off-road vehicle a luxury never seen on the same segment. So passengers’ comfort is enhanced and the provided equipment are worthy of the best private planes! All of that remaining easily accessible thanks to simple buttons like the opening of the top or the lowering of an electrically operated glass partition that can be transparent or opaque, like in the most refined sedan cars.

Comfortably seated on rear individual seats, the passengers will enjoy the most of the Mercedes G650 Landaulet thanks to its First Class seats that allow a total freedom of movement. They can be set to a fully reclined position and are infinitely adjustable, what makes them even more enjoyable when the massage function is activated, with their “heated massage” function that reminds the hot-stone massages directly from your 4×4. The different relaxing programs and adjustable calf-rests are unique and strictly reserved to the 99 owners of a new Mercedes G650 Landaulet.

Finally, concerning high technologies in the new Mercedes G650 Landaulet, you can find a thermal cup holder located close to the climate control switch. This one will allow you to enjoy a hot coffee or a fresh soda at any time while consulting your tablet delicately placed on the stretchable central console located on the seats sides, like in private jet planes too! Then the “G Cockpit” in the style of the driver’s instrument panel allow the passengers to control the cockpit lightening system and to open the top. Last but not least, you won’t miss to entertain yourself thanks to the two HD touch screens measuring 25,4cm each and specially placed for the rear passengers.


As with each Maybach vehicle, Mercedes G650 Landaulet has unique design elements and fully customizable ones. The high-grade designo upholstery with diamond stitching highlight its exquisite luxury and are available in four different tones matching the three colours of the top and four external paints, including a mat one. As for the style, you can notice the “V12 BITURBO” lettering on the front wings and the ceramically polished rims wearing the “LANDAULET” lettering, also available in five different design options.

Always like most of the sedan cars, Mercedes G650 Landaulet has electrically extending entry aids make for easier access to the vehicle. But, also like most of sport cars, the 4×4 offers a unique driving experience, even more unforgettable. A perfect handling, even in extreme situations, here is Mercedes G650 Landaulet’s promise. And to prove it, the vehicle is equipped with tyres of size 325/55 R 22 and an extremely powerful engine: the amazing V12 Biturbo from Mercedes-AMG with 630hp.

Mercedes G650 Landaulet will be available on market in the fall of 2017 and the first orders will start at next Geneva Motorshow this month. But be aware that this 4×4 is not only luxurious, but it is also the most expensive in the world with a price between 400.000 and 500.000 euros! (423.500 U$ and 529.300 U$).

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