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A small Eden-lice scape near Naples, the region Amalfi, firstly enchants its visitors with the scent of a lemon, and then, it subtly explains the Italian La Dolce Vita philosophy…

Rome is the best place which can give you all the answers about the best period of old empire, while in Florence you can comprehend the Renaissance period, and Milano is the capitol of contemporary fashion and design. None of these metropolis can depict all aspects of the Italian philosophy of life, like Amalfi region can.


Like a gateway towards the coastal region of Amalfi stands the city of Sorento, hidden from all the crowds of the popular Positano, but yet, close enough to all interesting events. You can find your perfect place to stay in Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, an establishment with rich history, built a long time ago, on the rocks just above the harbor. This hotel has been run by one family for five generations and it is considered to be the Italian version of the cult and legendary Grand Budapest hotel. For those evening moments, walk around the narrow city streets and tasting the amazing lemoncellos, jams and all other homemade sweets is really an unforgettable experience.


This place is the most famous mark of the region, even though it used to be just a modest fishing village. Today, Positano is a city where you cannot see any true fishermen – they’re place has been taken over by tourists with selfie sticks. Luckily, the emotion which cathedrals and charming pastel houses built on rocks leave behind, quickly replace any negative impression given by a large number of tourists. Nobel award winner, John Steinbeck, loved to stay in Hotel Le Sirenuse, while this region was still not famous. This hotel is still the beloved one in the whole town, while its terrace and views of the Mediterranean are something which will leave you breathless. 


Nerano is a place which is easily skipped if you’re not paying close attention, but it does have a lot to offer. Lunch in Lo Scoglio restaurant is something you shouldn’t miss, because it gives you the opportunity to really understand the way of living in this region, as an extraordinary mixture of simplicity and glamour. Since 1958, the family De Simone makes amazing pasta and sea food dishes for their guests. Family Onassis was a regular customer in this family restaurant.


The city by which the whole region got its name, is unique for numerous stairs and narrow streets which climb steeply along the steep cliffs. The main attraction is the Duomo di Sant Andrea, an imposing cathedral from the ninth century with the characteristic black and white tiles, the influence of Arab architecture and a wide staircase leading to the central square. In the city one can find a multitude of shops offering cleverly decorated ceramics, sculptures made of stone, leather goods, and jewelry made of coral.


Height is what keeps Ravello safe from curious tourists and it remains still Amalfi region’s little secret. Visitors tend to remain on the central square, but if you continue up the steep road, you can easily get to the real gems of this city, villa Cimbrone. Elegant villa was built in 1905 and has gained worldwide popularity thirty years later when the famous actress Greta Garbo began to visit it regularly. Gardens and terraces of Villa Cimbrone offer one of the most beautiful views in the whole Amalfi coast. Cultivating discreet luxury and secrecy of Ravello, Palazzo Avino and Belmond Hotel Caruso fit perfectly in the idyllic image of the small town on the Mediterranean coast. As a special attraction, festival held at Villa Rufolo in honor of the famous composer Richard Wagner, who found the inspiration for his compositions in this quiet town, is highlighted.


Glamour can be most felt in Capri, a city that since the time of ancient Rome was considered for a special destination reserved only for the chosen. Emperor Tiberius, Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, are just some of the personalities who have made this city a symbol of luxury. Today Capri fully follows the trends and offers its guests a wide variety of shops and the most famous names of well-known manufacturers such as sandals Da Costanzo and Angela Puttini jewelers, right next to boutiques Hermes and Fendi. For a longer stay in Capri, standing at your service are the remarkable Grand Hotel Quisisana and J. K. Place Capri, from whose terrace guests can enjoy the spectacular sunsets over the Mediterranean.

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