Wednesday, July 5, 2017


New McLaren 570S Spider comes just before the end of summer, and appears to be the ideal supercar to roam the coastline.
Taking back 570S Coupé’s codes, 570S Spider is a convertible, for future vacationers’ pleasure.


McLaren 570S Spider is today the brand’s most affordable two-seater convertible, costing 210.725€. Athletic, dynamic and powerful, its carbon fibre body and rear mid-mounted engine are promising unforgettable rides from the start.

Its convertible hard-top is equipped with the same technology as the other McLarens, namely, two light composite panels that perfectly respect McLaren 570S Spider’s allure, whether the roof is opened or closed. You can fold and unfold the top with the push of a simple button, and the manoeuvre is completely done within 15 seconds even if you are running at 40km/h.

McLaren 570S Spider is also equipped with an air detector that reduces vibrations if the roof is open or let the fresh air getting into the cockpit if the roof is closed. Moreover if you are a true lover of McLaren’s supercar and particularly their amazing sound, do not hesitate to order the ESG that canalizes the exhaust sound through the cockpit.


But the amazing sensation provided by McLaren 570S Spider is all the more thrilling because of its powerful engine. Indeed, under the car’s bonnet you can find a 3.8L V8 biturbo that is more powerful than the ones on other convertibles. With 580ph it can reach 0 to 100km/h in only 3.2 seconds and to 200km/h in only 9.6 seconds…beware of your hair cut! It also reaches a top speed of 328km/h when the roof if closed and 315km/h with an open roof.

We can also say that McLaren 570S Spider offers an extreme pleasure thanks to the Active Dynamics Panel and the different personalisation modes like Normal, Sport or Track that adjust suspensions or thanks to the electrohydraulic wheel-drive, carbon-ceramic brake discs and the chassis secure software. Then, the Brake Steer already seen on Formula 1 vehicles will help you to control the vehicle in corners, while the Performance Traction Control eases the drive in extreme situations.

McLaren 570S Spider’s cockpit perfectly matches its external “Dark Palladium” look. The driver is at the centre of the action, seated on hand-stitched seats and facing a 10 inches panel with 7 inches IRIS touchscreen that gives him access to all interior’s commands and infotainment apps. You can choose between many electric memory seats with Nappa or Alcantara leather as a luxury finish and you can even equip you car with McLaren P1’s carbon fibre seats. Finally, three new colours are available with the new McLaren 570S Spider: Curacao Blue, Vega Blue and Sicilian Yellow. A new “Liquid Black” brake caliper is also revealed for the first time.

If you too are already crazy about this McLaren 570S Spider, you will have a chance to drive it by August most beautiful days!

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