Tuesday, July 11, 2017


If you know the TV show named “The Secret Life of the Super Rich” you certainly have watched the episode about Gino Gargiulo, a restaurateur who was introducing its amazing Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce that was built especially for him, with its yacht that looks like it!
Today the Lamborghini MTI 52 is for sale, and the car too!


Realised upon the billionaire’s request, Lamborghini MTI 52 catamaran is truly unique and costs itself $1.750.000. Realised in a unique Verde Singh colour, it took more than two years to build this amazing vessel and satisfy the owner’s demand.

Also called “Superveloce”, Lamborghini MTI 52 is one of the finest, powerful and advanced boats in the world. Entirely built with carbon fibre, it can reach a 290 km/h top speed!

Designed to look like the Lamborghini Superveloce Roadster that comes with it, Lamborghini MTI 52 incorporates some of its characteristics. Just the external paint costs above $80.000. The audio system costs $25.000 and it comprises two speakers and a FOCAL amplifier placed all along the cabin and door panels. A high-quality video system was also placed in the cabin to let the owner record his performances even at high speeds.

The seats are made with the same Alcantara leather as the roadster, and the Lamborghini MTI 52’s floor is realised with bespoke rubber. The control panel looks like a dashboard and is equipped with Carmen GPS and multiple screens. Then, $20.000 led lights and Lamborghini lights have also been integrated as well as underwater LED lights that allow you to navigate with the colour of your choice under the boat, reflecting in the water. Finally, the boat is equipped with air conditioning and two powerful Mercury Racing engines representing 1386 ph and 1571 ph each.


Of course, Lamborghini MTI 52 pack would not be complete without the Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce that was designed for the same owner! And the car only has a mileage of 1.127km! As the Lamborghini MTI 52, it has a bespoke Alcantara Nero Cosmos interior and the engine is fully visible under a transparent glass panel.

Alike Lamborghini MTI 52, there are electrical heated seats and there are multiple commands on the steering wheel. The roof is made with carbon fibre and can be opened, while a rear camera has been integrated. Then carbon fibre was inserted until the driver’s pedals and a 12-cylinder engine is coupled to a semi-automatic transmission. A true billionaire’s car!

The most amazing thing is that you can find this Lamborghini MTI 52 pack on Ebay! It is sold via James Edition website and costs $2.199.000! But be quick because 300 potential buyers have already shown their interest!

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