Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Best kept secret of Belgium,Boutique hotel 1898 The Post

Right after opening its doors in August 2017, 1898 The Post Hotel gives us the envy to discover Belgium and more particularly the charming Ghent City. So we invite you to discover an exquisite building with rare elegance that was the Post Office once.


1898 The Post Hotel finds its origins in 1898, the year It was built in Ghent, the city where famous Charles Quint was born. Created by Louis Cloquet it was aimed to become the city’s post office and will be until 2001, the year its last letter was sent.

So 120 years later 1898 The Post comes back to life and becomes one of the best kept secrets of Zannier Group that will turn it into a unique hotel accommodating 38 rooms and suites on the two upper floors. But the building keeps the city’s typical charm and warmth but also all the assets that today turned it into one of Europe’s most beautiful city.

Each room or suite in 1898 The Post has a unique personality but the spirit and conviviality remain untouched. High ceilings, dark green walls and large windows and above all wood everywhere…everything is reunited to feel like at home, in your own wooden box. Each room is equipped with furniture dated from the 20th century and all necessary technology to ensure unparalleled comfort in 20 to 65sq.m rooms.

Rooms in 1898 The Post has significant names that remain the building’s origins: “The Stamp” (20sq.m), the “Post Card” (25sq.m): a duplex for families, and even “The Letter” (22 to 30sq.m). Finally, the “Loft” (65sq.m) is the biggest space offered to travellers and probably the ideal cocoon for artists seeking for inspiration at its desk or library or even its large and intimate terrace. Concerning the “Tower Room”, it will seduce the lovers who want more intimacy admiring a 360° view of the city.


But in 1898 The Post you will have to see the whole building and discover many things walking in the corridors: photographs of its antique past, large and warmth firepits….The building is full of relaxing and welcoming spaces.

Above all “The Kitchen” at 1898 The Post will welcome you with delicious meals and the chef will cook right in front of you his grandma’s recipes with local fresh products. It is the perfect occasion to savour delicious cuisine like at home! Then at the end of the day another privileged relaxing moment is offered at the “Honesty Bar”, strictly reserved for the hotel’s customers that overlooked local Grain Market and where you will see Ghent City coming alive right in front of your eyes.

If you wish to be one of 1898 The Post’s first customers, you’ll have to spend at least 150€ per night knowing that the prices can be different depending on the suite or the season!

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