Sunday, September 24, 2017

Top 10 Cliff-Edge Santorini Hotels

1. Canaves Oia Suites
Carved into the Cliffside, Canaves Oia Suites were traditional wineries of the 17th century that have been modified and transformed into elegantly designed luxury suites, emitting the brightness of Santorian architecture in a sophisticated ambience. All suites ooze the elegance of minimalism, while contemporary comforts, vast spaces and private plunge pools with stunning views to the Aegean Sea reach the ultimate levels of luxury.
Canaves Oia Suites

2. Charisma Suites Oia
This place boasts that it is among the famous spots from where you can view the magnificent Santorini sunset. It is nested splendidly in a cliff where the sun sets into the blue Aegean Sea and each suite has a private veranda.
Charisma Suites Oia

3. Sophia Luxury Suites
This accommodation has a contemporary design but is still influenced by Geek style and tradition. This mansion has just recently been renovated in 2015. Your view from this hotel is an unobstructed view of the Santorini volcano, the Aegean Sea, and the caldera. This is definitely a unique living luxury.
Sophia Luxury Suites

4. Kirini Suites
Considered as a five-star hotel, this has terraces in multiple levels that perch from a cliff and overlooking the great Aegean Sea and the Santorini volcano. Its structure has traditional architecture and has luxury amenities that have been recently added like the new spa and relaxing pool area.
Kirini Suites 

5. Aenaon Villas
The location of Aenaon Villas is rather unique because this has been wonderfully set up on top of a steep slope in the north side of the island. Thus, you can have an exhilarating view of Santorini. It boasts of its traditional approach in designing the villas, which are mainly made up of stonework.
Aenaon Villas

6. Katikies Santorini
Staying here would make you feel like you are living in the most magnificent natural setting in the world. It has blended in harmony the aesthetics feel of the luxury of living in the Caldera. It has a superb environment with extraordinary amenities like three infinity pools and poolside bar and a restaurant.
Katikies Santorini

7. Perivolas Santorini
This was first developed in the 19th century when the Psychas family bought a cliff with cave dwelling in the Perivolas, Oia. Until today, this accommodation has been faithful to the unique Santorini design and architecture. It has restored what used to be the home of fishermen into a luxurious hotel.
Perivolas Santorini

8. Dream Luxury Suites
This is a perfect place that embodies style, beauty and tradition into a harmonious and luxurious accommodation. This haven is like a sanctuary of comfort having the class and tranquillity it provides. It only has six luxury suites.  It also has amenities such as a bar, restaurant and a spa.

9. Grace Santorini
This is acclaimed as the ultimate luxury hotel in Santorini. This hotel is an exclusive boutique accommodation that is settled above the renowned Caldera. Thus, imagine the breath-taking view that can be enjoyed from there. It has received European awards for the quality of accommodation it provides. It also has a fine restaurant and a champagne lounge.
Grace Santorini

10. Mystique Santorini
The Mystique collection of resorts is known worldwide for its romantic and quintessential accommodation. The key tone of its structure is creamy beige and has sleek interiors and nature-inspired designs while maintaining the traditional architecture of Santorini. It is perched in the steep cliff of Caldera that why this has become iconic in the Santorini island.
Mystique a luxury collection hotel

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