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Set between the craggy Hajar Mountains and a mile-long sandy beach in Musandam, an Omani exclave. Accessible by four-wheel drive only, the 75-mile journey from Dubai airport takes around two hours.
The drive down from the hilltop overlooking the bay is spectacular and guests can take a tandem paraglide flight into the resort, or arrive by speedboat from a nearby port.


The high point of Zighy Bay Resort stands in its traditional but contemporary style. Respecting local culture, this one offers amazingly luxurious and comfortable accommodations to travelers seeking for relaxation.

Zighy Bay Resorts contains a total of 82 suites and villas, facing the sea or with their own private spa room, but all with private pool and sand garden. Space and privacy can describe each of these villas, made with local stones and natural materials. This proves the resort’s commitment towards local culture and environment.

Each villa at Zighy Bay Resort is a true oasis made with stone and warm wood, with high ceilings that enhance the colorful rooms. Not only are the rooms pretty comfortable, but you can also choose your favorite type of pillow! Outside, each villa owns many relaxing and diner spaces to eat in the intimacy of your accommodation, and also comfortable lounge beds all over the infinity-plunge pools.

But if we had to choose two of Zighy Bay Resort’s villas, we would introduce you the Retreats and Beit Musandam Private Reserve. There are two Retreats duplex located at the ends of the resort, above the sea. There, local tradition is everywhere, recreating indigenous style adapted to contemporary needs. You will also find two spacious bedrooms, as well as a private wine cellar and high-end technologies. Then, Beit Musandam is Middle East’s biggest touristic villa, with no less than four bedrooms and a 17m-long pool. Located in a secluded place, this reserve is made of three buildings with many spaces for dinner or entertainment, but also a spa suite, a gym, a yoga studio, staff quarters and a personal butler ready to answer all your desires.


At Zighy Bay Resort, young and old can discover local traditions but also relax and try playful activities. The adults can enjoy the sumptuous Six Senses Spa with its two Moroccan hammams, and benefit from adapted advices from true experts concerning their needs, their lifestyle or alimentation for a healthier way of living! And for a total plenitude, you can still have yoga class on the rooftop, looking at the sunset!

At Zighy Bay Resort, discovery also means culinary traditions and you can explore them at traditional Shua Shack restaurant or at Spice Market, that both respect Bedouin traditions. As for the Sense of the Edge, it offers a contemporary and exquisite cuisine over the bay, as well as a consequent wine cellar. But there is no greater pleasure than having dinner in your own private villa, with your private chef, or in front of the sea, and everywhere you’ll ask for!

Then, concerning entertainment at Zighy Bay Resort you will find many activities for the children and adolescents, as well as adults or everyone at the same time! You can try diving, hiking, rock climbing, archery etc, while the children are hunting treasures, building rafts and discover the Arab culture. If the oldest ones can learn how to cook local meals and discover the country’s spices and ingredients, the youngest will love to make cookies and cakes!

Zighy Bay Resort is truly a first-choice destination for all the family but it also helps the others and thos in needs because the resort is a partner of Dar Al Atta’s association and helping Oman’s people as well as the region’s schools!

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