Thursday, August 30, 2018

Inside the Gulfstream G600

Before a new aircraft can be sold to the public, it has to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.
That’s a long, complex, and costly process—which is why manufacturers tend to keep upgrading their old models, making all-new designs about as common as winged unicorns. Gulfstream took on the challenge, though, by putting not just one, but two clean-sheet jets in the pipeline at once. And despite manufacturing challenges like contract disputes, both planes are fully on track. The smaller G500 got its FAA certificate in July, and the G600 is now flying field tests for FAA inspectors. The G600 is expected to be certified later this year, with deliveries starting early in 2019. Both jets offer a jump forward in comfort, technology, and performance. Come take an early bird tour of the Gulfstream G600 over the next few slides.

The G600 cabin—about 13,7m (45 feet) long—seats up to 19 passengers in four living areas, with oversize quilted seats, sleeping berths for nine, a crew rest area, and an optional shower. The galley, with custom stone flooring, can be located forward or aft.

The mirrored mid-cabin bulkhead reflects the high-altitude light that streams in from the extra-large oval windows, with accents provided by the deep colors and grains of oak veneer. The geometric pattern on the carpet mimics the herringbone design of the seats. One hundred percent fresh air plus a maximum cabin altitude of 1,487m (4,850 feet) helps to prevent jet lag.

Conference tables can be stowed out of the way when not needed, and seats lie flat for overnight flights. In fact, the cabin design won top honors for private jets in the 2018 International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

The cockpit is equipped with the latest fly-by-wire avionics systems and 10 touchscreen displays. New active-control sidesticks provide the same tactile feedback as traditional control yokes, while freeing up space for the pilots. The G600 can fly at speeds up to Mach 0.9 and cover up to !2.000 km (7,500 miles), putting most global city pairs within nonstop reach—in fact, the G600 recently logged a speed record between the U.S. and Asia.

Photos Courtesy Gulfstream

The G600 sells for about Euro 49,5 ($58 million). We should see the first owner take delivery of their completed jet early next year.

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