Sunday, August 12, 2018

This Mexican luxury boutique resort was once Pablo Escobar’s home

Narcos fans, we’ve got an interesting piece of information for you! You can now visit the Mexican beach resort of Tulum and spend days in an estate once owned by the notorious drug-lord Pablo Escobar.

Only recently, a renowned art dealer transformed the entire estate into a hotel, thereby making it fit for avid travellers like you and me.
New York based Lio Malca is responsible for turning our fictional dreams into reality! Post his death in 1993, Escobar abandoned the property; and almost a decade later, the estate was discovered and returned to its original owner. Only in 2012, did Malca come across the mansion.
In 2015, the property debuted on the hotel scene with nine bedrooms, but Malca is constantly adding to the site which overlooks a 180-metre white sand beach. The hotel is now operated by Design Hotels.
Now here’s a sneak peak into the property. Stunning art pieces and sculptures decorate the interiors while white walls and polished concrete floors further accentuate its beauty.
One of the ground floor rooms play host to a colossal bar with black and white wallpaper gracing the background.
A spiral staircase leads to the roof where a terrace bar adds glamour to the landscape.
If you are a slightly larger party, accommodate yourself in the two storey buildings that have been built alongside the mansion. Each has one guest suite per floor, amounting to total of 42 rooms.
A fascinating hidden underground steam room that lights up in a myriad of colours forms part of the property, and exits directly to the pool.
A sculptural treehouse suite has been added further up the beach.

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