Sunday, May 13, 2012

Christos Drazos - Photographer

Special Santorini dedication 
 by Mr. Christos Drazos
Professional Photographer

Christos Drazos (drz-photography) is a professional photographer based in Athens-Greece,
And travels all over the world for his assignments.

In his archive you can find thousands of travel photos from Greece and other countries.

During the last ten years he specializes in advertising photography, focusing in the interior architecture field and food-photography projects. To ensure a consistent, technical quality and stylistic approach to each final product, Christos captures images utilizing a mixture of traditional and contemporary techniques, in combination with a self-made lighting system. This way, he secures the outcome and manages to meet the always heavy and strict deadlines for each client through technical knowledge, flexibility and high service standards motivation.

And his innate resourcefulness in combination with the "unexpected", often converts "problems" into creative possibilities.

Christos’s photographs have been widely published in magazines in Greece and other countries.

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  1. Amazin pictures! I wish I was there :D

  2. by far the best photograper in Greece and one of the best in the world..!! Thank you Christos for everything you have done all these years for us... The AVH team..

  3. Gorgeous photographs, so beautiful and classy. :)