Monday, May 14, 2012

Samsonite Firelite ... new travel obsession

 I am leaving after two days to Brazil, and I started packing my new Samsonite Firelite I am thanking my lucky stars for one thing... SAMSONITE! If you pack as much as I usually do you are going to love this.

Samsonite have sent me over a new piece from their Firelite collection.  It is quite possibly one of the coolest suitcases I have ever owned.  I used it last week in my travels and I just wanted to drop a few bullet points as to why I love it and will be using it on every trip from here until the end of time(or the invention of a suitcase that actually manages to subtract weight from your packing job):
  • The first and most massive reason to love this case has everything to do with the weight. . It truly is that light. When empty this suitcase weighs less than a large bottle of water (or 1.9kg). In a world where excess baggage fees are killing us all, Samsonite have definitely come up with a master solution to suitcase weight! 

  • The suitcase features 4 silent lightweight wheels for a ride that is second only to that of a Maybach! They are also the wheels that move 360 degrees as opposed to those pesky wheels that only go backwards and forwards. Two wheels are so 2012.... come into the new decade with a four wheeler baby!!

  • The Curv technology means that airport security can throw this bag around as much as they want, bash it as much as they possible can and it will still regain it's shape and be basically as good as knew. THAT makes me feel not only confident that my luggage will reach its destination in one piece but also quite smug knowing security can try as they may but they won't make a dent in my precious cargo!

For those who would like to see the Firelite in action, here is a videos of the actual suitcase and the technology in action...

Thank you Samsonite

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