Thursday, May 31, 2012

Versace Spring-Summer 2012

Tribute to the eternal style created in the 80s by Gianni, the Donatella Versace collection imposed white studded with gold studs, on breathtakingly high plexiglas. The perfect house beauty prizewinners only imagined themselves surrounded by masseur, hairstylist, makeup artist,manicurist, and so obviously by a bodyguard. Teens from the world over who are not as wild are ready to fight over the Versace collection that H&M will launch in mid-November, this style here remains reserved for girls who refuse to get up for less than 8.000 Euro ($10.000). However we liked the play on plisses that sometimes over-decorated these outfits and especially the 1950s sea bottom prints in more refreshing faded shades. 
All the Versace creatures, however , will find  here the ideal short or long dresses in violet, pistachio, pool blue or black and gold,matching a fathers yacht., or a lover's or a husband's, the only able to ensure their lifestyle.

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By Kristina Mitrovic


  1. Wow i just love this collection from Versace Spring-Summer 2012 !! Nicely designed so fashionable and so wearable nice ;)

    with love and kisses,