Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tunisia jewel of the Mediterranean

Le Kef

The mausoleum of Habib ibn Ali Bourguiba
 Leptis Magna Theatre

A blend of Islamic culture and ancient history with a European flair.
Tunisia is the unexpected  jewel of the Mediterranean.

Boasting a verdant Mediterranean coastline,lakes dotted with pink flamingos and lush forests in the North,
traditional berber villages and the rolling dunes of the Sahara. North Africa's smallest country boasts is a veritable kaleidoscope of landscapes, experiences and sensations. 


 You do not have to search far to unearth Tunisia's trademark - a plethora of historical sites dating back almost 3.000 years imbibe this miniature North African nation with an unparalleled social and cultural heritage.

Ultimate Experience 

* Visit the ruins of the Amphitheatre of El Jem, one of Tunisia's eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, to
   witness the full power and glory of Imperial Rome. 
* Wander through the picturesque Medina of Tunis, one of the most important Islamic cities bustling with 
   heritage, monuments and tradition.
* Take a day trip to Carthage a well-preserved sitethat was once the home of Hannibal and his elephants.
* Take a ride on the bell-epoque Red Lizard train and discover the other-worldly rock formations of the  
   Seldja Gorge.
 Amphitheatre El jem


Couscous is a staple ingredient usually served with vegetables, beans and meat. Other delicacies include Brik a l'oeuf (tiny parcels of pastry stuffed with egg, tuna and herbs), Koucha (tender shoulder of lamb with turmeric and cayenne pepper) and Lablabi (chick pea soup with garlic and cumin served over pieces of crusty bread).
Ceramics for dining on couscous and tajines.

Live it 

Traversing the timeless sands of the Sahara offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences. As part of an organised desert trek you can ride camels, explore the ever-changing desert landscape, camp in a traditional Bedouin tent and bring your inner nomad to life!
 Sahara camel ride

The surprise 

The charming town of Sidi Bou Said, nestled on Tunisia's northern coast, just 20km from the capital, Tunis.
Lose yourself in the serpentine alleys, weave through the whitewashed buildings that boast blue doors and schutters as you would on any Cycladic island. 
Sidi Bou Said
 Sidi Bou Said

 Mediterranean seacoast to the arid Sahara
Tuareg horse

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