Sunday, July 29, 2012

North Island Lodge in the Seychelles

 I’m sure we can all agree that the Seychelles Archipelago is one of the most jaw dropping places in the world. The North Island, part of the Farquhar group of islands in the Seychelles, is the location of the magnificent North Island Lodge.
A mere 15-minute helicopter from the Seychelles International Airport, the North Island greets guests with incredible views, a palm-covered mountain to the left and a rocky mountain to the right, as you approach the luxury resort – a magnificent entrance for someone as important as the resort’s guests.
It consists of 11 handcrafted villas, distributed all along the main beach of Ille du Nord eco-reserve. They are raised above the ground, so that tourists can feel the extremely fine Indian Ocean breezes and feature private gardens and miles of pristine beaches. There are plunge pools and outdoor showers available as well, fitting this private corner of civilization with everything you might need.
In addition, you can opt for scuba diving among the gorgeous coral reefs hidden by the waves, take part at deep-sea fishing adventures or embark on a sunset cruise towards Silhouette Island. There’s more, as the villas are equipped with mountain bikes and golf carts, to facilitate access towards other parts of the island.
And, above all, there’s the Sunset Beach Bar, a place of beauty and relaxation, where you can enjoy the finest cocktails in a calm, breezy atmosphere. Brutus, a 160 year old tortoise, is one of the main attractions on the island. Who knows, maybe your grand-grand-grandparents played with it while it was young.

This extremely high-rated resort’s nightly price tags start at €1,835. The tropics await you splendid arrival!

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  1. Seychelles, one of the the most beautiful places in the world. See the ocean, Cocos trees, the white sand ... I'm in Love!!!

  2. the land of my dreams ♥♥♥

  3. Sensacional, fotos e lugares espetaculares...