Wednesday, July 4, 2012

World’s Most Expensive Black Diamond Dress

World’s Most Expensive Black Diamond Dress
By Debbie Wingham

Debbie Wingham, a celebrity dress designer from Amersham, UK has recently unveiled the world’s only black diamond dress at the Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo. The event took place on June 14, and all guests were mightily impressed by the glamorous gown worth a whopping 4,354,149 Euro ( £3.5 million approx. $5.5 million).

The incredibly expensive dress flaunts 50 two-carat diamonds: 25 on the shoulder shrug and 25 on the peplum. There is also a center piece of shimmering five-carat black diamonds, and a border of white diamonds inlaid with white gold.

All this, plus the material, adds up to quite an impressive weight for a nightgown: 13 kilograms (approx. 28.5 pounds). Wearing this dazzling black dress with grace must be quite a challenge for any lady! Completing the project took approximately six months of effort and impeccable handwork.

Debbie Wingham is currently working on an exclusive diamond jeans collection, but her career as haute couture designer is currently occupying a secondary position in her life, as she is now married and focused on being a good mother.

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