Thursday, July 12, 2012

Underwater Hotel Planned in Dubai

Amazing underwater hotel architecture planned, for those who like traveling and new experiences to live under the sea, may be trying to water discus hotel. unique and world innovative technology and concept underwater hotel location in Dubai,United Arab Emirates. Dubai building company Drydocks World has signed a contract with Swiss firm BIG InvestConsult on behalf of technology owner Deep Ocean Technology (DOT), to develop underwater hotel, The concept, being now under the implementation phase, is especially favourable for extension of hotels & resorts into the underwater world.

“Water Discus Hotels comprise two discs – an underwater and above-water one. This combination will allow guests to admire the depths of the ocean while making the most of the warm climate. The two parts of the structure are connected by three solid legs and a vertical shaft containing a lift and stairway. The size of each disc has been adjusted to local conditions.

Underwater Hotel Safety was a top priority for both designers of the structure and a team of professionals who worked out the maintenance procedures. The Water Discus complex was designed to ensure safety at all times, even in the most adverse weather conditions. The structure sits up on three sturdy legs fixed to the seabed, and the upper disc is suspended above the water surface. These two technical solutions will ensure that Water Discus remains safe even in the event of a fairly high tsunami, which can normally flood the nearest coastal areas.

The disc, located up to 10 metres beneath the surface of the sea, is composed of 21 hotel rooms adjacent to the underwater dive centre and a bar. Each room is integrated with the underwater world as closely as possible, offering a surprisingly direct, yet safe contact with the local flora and fauna. Transport facilities were designed not only to support logistics but also to improve safety. The upper deck of the complex, for example, is connected to the shaft and can be used as a landing pad for helicopters, ensuring a quick and convenient transport.”


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