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Sea Cloud 5 star Cruises

Sea Cloud

Sea Cloud II

Long ago ships on the high seas would use the stars to navigate around the oceans but today ships for cruises are one the with the stars, especially when it comes to cruising with Sea Cloud. The Sea Cloud range features luxury vessels with five stars that mark their class and style.

When looking for luxury cruises it is hard to beat Sea Cloud with the romantic atmosphere that will inspire you and the elegance of a private yacht. When sailing with Sea Cloud the emphasis is on relaxation rather than etiquette, this is where guests have the freedom to be able to unwind at their own leisure. The five star style in evident when choosing Sea Cloud for cruises in your very own personal realm along with the superb first class cuisine of the very best and a discreet yet attentive level of service that is second to none. The company promise to provide numerous relaxed magical moments that will remain with you for a long time to come on their cruises.

When booking cruises with Sea Cloud you are booking a customized vacation at the ultimate of levels, this is the philosophy that the company stand by. The company started out with a passion for luxury yachts with the yacht the Sea Cloud. This vessel inspired the company’s enthusiasm for uniqueness along with perfection some thirty years ago. Over time cruises have changed a great deal thanks mainly to the bigger ships that are continually being built. However Sea Cloud remained with the smaller vessels with the philosophy of smaller being more beautiful and this is something which has never changed and never will. This is one company offering cruises with standards that are set to ensure that each and every passenger has an exceptional voyage. Guests are able to travel to locations such as the Caribbean on one of the most luxurious vessels on the seas where world class chefs produce culinary masterpieces.

What began as another company offering cruises to some of the very best destinations around the world in 1979 has become a legend that has been constantly refined over the years.

The Sea Cloud was built in 1931 by the Krupp family and upon her launch she was the largest private sailing vessel. At this time the yacht was commissioned by one of Wall Streets wealthiest men for cruises for himself and his wife, decking out the vessel to her liking. Over the course of time the yacht had numerous names and at some point was left in the tropics until Hartmut Paschburg breathed life into the vessel and gave her back the name of the Sea Cloud. Following extensive repairs the vessel was once again ready for cruises and took her first under a new flag and again became the diva of the ocean.

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