Sunday, December 29, 2013

ABJ Elegante Stylish Jet Is a House With Wings

 Some of the most luxurious houses are expensive yachts and showed we you at least a few representative yacht here on fashion design furniture. But if the same treatment received the yachts and boats with the same luxury to offer, why not a mansion from an airplane? Today, we examine elegant Avro Business Jet (ABJ), a concept design Q and BAE Systems, who is considering a luxurious flying experience. In contrast to a yacht that provides protection for longer to fly a plane can not forever, but if it is in the air of the BAJ provide you with the best treats that money can buy. We see an impressive cabin, plenty of personal information, dining room, restaurant, Office/room bathroom, a wardrobe, sofas, rooms TV big screen opportunities Center and the power of communication Central for your gadgets to offer

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