Friday, December 20, 2013

Wild Child Bike by Indian Larry Is Being Sold For $750,000

Indian Larry was a highly appreciated motorcycle builder, artist and biker who became well known for his unique way of designing bikes and for its daring, often dangerous stunts. One of his most exceptional motorcycles is called the “Wild Child” and it represents a fantastic bobber-styled chopper that Larry built by hand in 2003 in Brooklyn, New York for the “Biker Build-Off” series of the Discovery Channel. The bike won the build-off but Larry decided to dismantle his prized trophy and give the parts away to the other contenders as a sign of respect.

Sadly, Indian Larry died just one year later in 2004 because of serious head injuries that he sustained while performing a stunt.
However, he continues to live on through masterpieces such as the “Wild Child”, which features a series of original design elements such as a dished tank, a twisted down tube frame and a stunning root beer metal flake paintjob, while the Wild Child name is featured on an exterior belt drive. Moreover, the bike’s engine is quite amazing as well, flaunting a shovelhead front cylinder, a jockey shift and a panhead rear.

Due to its incredible exclusivity and heritage, the Wild Child has been listed for sale as part of the 2013 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book for no less than $750,000.

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