Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sandy Lane, Luxury retreat in Barbados

A world-class premier luxury resort, the Sandy Lane Hotel and Golf Club

When the cold starts to settle in and the sky turns to a steely grey nothing seems more inviting than the idea of escaping to a tropical retreat. Sandy Lane, located in Barbados is perhaps the answer to all these dreams.

Built in 1961 the resort is everything that a high end luxury retreat should be. It is romantic and picturesque, warm and inviting, and most importantly, the ideal place to wind down and indulge in a soothing vacation. Sandy Lane is the perfect destination for couples as well as families. Golf lovers have the opportunity to discover one of the finest courses in the Caribbean.
Making guests feel relaxed and at home is an essential part of the Sandy Lane concept. Each room is impressively spacious and a carefully selected decor only adds to the inviting and comfortable atmosphere. An impressive collection of suites provide an even greater level of luxury than the normal rooms. Depending on personal preference, guests can choose the ocean view rooms or the orchid rooms set amongst the inspiring gardens of Sandy Lane.

The accommodation provided by Sandy Lane does go one step further with the services provided by the exclusive Villa at Sandy Lane. Privacy has always been acknowledged as one of the most highly prized luxuries and the Villa offers exactly that. Set at the heart of the resorts exquisite tropical gardens this exclusive luxury retreat has its own dedicated staff. Guest at the villa can of course enjoy all of the benefits of the resort, whether it is the high end spa facilities, tennis and golf courses or the gourmet cuisine.

Along with the setting, many people would argue that the quality of the food is the second most important aspect of a hotel. If we were to give any credit to that statement then Sandy Lane has done well to deserve the title of one the best hotels in the Caribbean. The hotel offers a variety of venues ranging from restaurants, to cafes and bars. The most beautiful aspect however is that each one is refined yet not overly formal, taking full advantage of the magical surroundings to fully emphasize a romantic and pleasant atmosphere.

Guest looking forward to intense relaxation will not be disappointed by the award winning spa at Sandy Lane. In fact the hotel is proud to announce that they were recently awarded the best Hotel Spa in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas by Travel and Leisure in the 2012 World's Best Awards. A variety of treatments sourced from the Caribbean, North America, Asia and Europe guarantee a fulfilling experience.

Sandy Lane has a unique character that has made it a favorite among the more discerning of travelers. It has grace, elegance and a distinctive personality that has made it quite simply timeless.

Our partner Xenia Tchoumitcheva experienced this amazing luxury property Sandy Lane for Passion4luxury

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