Friday, March 11, 2016

Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli – Italy

Nestled on the western shores of Lake Garda, Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli is a stately neo-Gothic style mansion with splendid interiors, marvelous gardens, private boats, and Michelin-starred cuisine.

“This astonishing hotel makes even the most spoilt guests feel lucky to be there, and the most jaded feel soothed and at home. 

Built in 1892, the villa was the summer residence of the super-rich Feltrinellis, and later sheltered Mussolini during the war. With much of the original furniture intact, it has been superbly restored, no expense spared, and once more feels like the most arresting and luxurious private home you could hope to stay in. A Michelin star for the food.”

Decorated with beautiful frescoes, antique Venetian mirrors, and exquisite period furnishings, the hotel’s 20 rooms are steeped in timeless romance and offer all modern conveniences for a luxurious, memorable stay. Chef Stefano Baiocco’s meticulously designed dishes are true pieces of art and can be enjoyed either in the lavish dining room or outside by the lake.

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