Sunday, March 6, 2016

Residence In Beverly Hills will cost $100 Million

Located in Beverly Hills’ “Billionaire’s Row”, this magnificent property is surely worth $100 million. (Euro 90.8 Million) 

Beverly Hills is famous worldwide for its incredibly expensive and luxurious residences, and it looks like things are not about to change anytime soon, as developers are still building lavish homes within this great city. One of the most impressive residences to be built in Beverly Hills was designed by a team of architects from Shubin + Donaldson, and it will boast a price tag of $100 million (Euro 90.8 million) 

For that kind of money, you’ll get 24,500 square feet (2.276 Sqm) of living space as well as 14 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms, including a sublime 3,100 square-foot (288 Sqm) master suite. Other highlights include a dining room with enough seating for 18 people and a great room with a hidden bar. Outside, the large reflecting pool, acrylic pool, lap pool and infinity pool take the center stage, but we should also tell you about the nightclub, 20-seat theater room, full bar, lounge and two-lane bowling alley. The garage is large enough for eight cars, while the professional catering kitchen can be used to create mouth-watering dishes. A nail salon and a wellness center round the list of the home’s most impressive facilities.

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