Monday, November 21, 2016


Wear a piece of Versailles…

Dior’s artistic director, Victoire de Castellane, took her inspiration for this dazzling collection from the beauty of the Château de Versailles.

“I tried to imagine Versailles at night, lit by a multitude of candles. The reflection of their flames causing diamonds to sparkle. The women are covered with jewels and if you listen carefully you can hear the light clink of silver on the porcelain” - these were the pictures drawn by her limitless imagination.

The collection is limited to approximately 60 pieces of jewellery, which are divided in two groups: 29 items that will never be repeated and items that can be reproduced in different colours and material combinations. The oxidized silver used on certain settings lends depth to the jewel and conveys a mystery directly inspired by 18th century jewellery making techniques. To reference this, Victoire de Castellane has used the metal in flashes throughout the collection, appearing with a tarnished, black appearance in curls, swirls and buds set with diamonds. Other historical nods include the use of rose-cut diamonds, which give the jewels a vintage look, and the limiting of coloured gemstones mostly to traditional rubies, emeralds and sapphires. The classicism of Versailles engages in a dialogue with contemporary design.

The Dior à Versailles collection is a testament to French luxury, accomplishing beautiful designs with artisanal quality. The unique details in every design takes us back to Château de Versailles itself, where history and beauty co-exist.

  "Appartements de Mesdames Alcove" Ring

"Appartements de Mesdames Marqueterie" Ring

 "Double Panache Spinelle Rose" Ring

"Guirlande Saphir Rose" Earrings

"Salon de Mars Glace" Earrings

 "Salon de Mars Baguette" Earrings

 "Salon de Mars Briolette" Earrings

 "Cour de Marbre" Necklace

"Chambre de Roi" Necklace

"Salon d' Apollon" Necklace

"Guirlande Saphir Rose" Necklace

"Salon de Mercure" Bracelet

"Boiserie Diamant Jaune" Bracelet

"Salon de Diane" Brooch

"Salon d' Apollon" Brooch

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