Monday, November 28, 2016


Closed since 2012 for renovation, the most beautiful hotel in Paris and biggest proof of French refinement, the Ritz Paris, has reopened its gates to regular and new customers since June.
If the hotel claims to have entered 21st century, don’t panic! The hotel’s lovers will find there all historic elements that have seduced them before.


The Ritz Paris hotel is actually owned by Mohamed Al-Fayed and enters modern times thanks to the amazing work of thousands of workers; who were chosen between France and world’s best craftsmen. Sumptuous mix of tradition and modernity, Ritz Paris knew how to enter 21st century in a totally subtle way.

In the rooms and suites but although all along Ritz Paris we find again its oak woodworks, its Mareuil stone floors, marbles and all the tissues that were so appreciated by world’s biggest icons. News suites are even named like them as Coco Chanel, F Scott Fitzgerald, Windsor, Maria Callas, Charlie Chaplin and a lot of other celebs. 114 since its opening, rooms at Ritz Paris are always a true work of art.

Few years ago there were 159 rooms in the hotel, now they are 142 in order to enhance space and comfort. Space and light are incredibly stunning and private terraces have been created overhanging the garden. The décor keeps its historical details and technology has been integrated with a true subtlety. So you can find a flat screen hidden behind a big mirror, or the connectivity for your computer behind a leather plate on Louis XVI desk. For the traditional side, you will find the hotel’s typical valve elements, tulips lamps, old-fashioned keys and Marthe dishes. As for the design, rooms and suites at Ritz Paris are decorated with soft pastel tones that enhance the woodwork.

But let’s discover the other renovation in this prestigious building.


Right from the outside, you will notice that Ritz Paris’ façade has been totally renovated. The huge 1500sq.m roof has also been renovated and a huge trompe-l’oeil sky was painted on the pool’s ceilings, a true work of art made by four artists.

Inside, furniture were entirely kept, nothing has been thrown away, all was restored. Spaces in Ritz Paris were also enlarged to build the new Ritz Club Paris around the pool with hammam, sauna, gym sessions and a special Chanel corner to highlight luxury and beauty. For the traditional side, frescoes, columns and mosaics remain untouched.

Ritz Bar and Ritz Paris bring to the hotel a breath of modernity, orchestrated by a new Executive Chef: Nicolas Sale. A new lounge is born, the Salon Vendôme that can welcome up to 200 guests during meetings or receptions, and the Galerie du Ritz comes back with 110sq.m of shopping area with 5 boutiques and 95 windows. Finally, the Salon Proust opens its gates under fine woodwork with comfortable benches near the fireplace.

A second bar, the bar Vendôme offers to Ritz Paris’ customers to eat and drink early in the day as in a French” brasserie”, elegant and surrounded by a lovely winter garden under the patio. To have dinner, you can go at the famous Espadon restaurant that is still standing but now has eight exceptional mirrors that remind us the Galerie des Glaces from Versailles. There you can also have lunch on the terrace or a dinner under a trompe-l’oeil sky.

If you live in Paris or anywhere else in the world, it is impossible to miss Ritz Paris’ new face. Then you will surely want to pass a few nights in France’s most beautiful hotel.

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