Sunday, November 6, 2016


McLaren will soon begin the first deliveries of the McLaren 570GT, a supercar specially designed for an every-day use and the last model from the Sport Series.
Today it represents the most refined model from the German brand, extremely comfortable for long drive but still being a McLaren.


If usually McLaren build extreme supercars, the brand wanted to put the accent on comfort while imagining McLaren 507GT, an ideal car for long journeys.

Its silhouette distinguish itself with its panoramic glass roof bringing the supercar a refined and thin silhouette, letting a maximum of light entering the McLaren 507GT. Inside the cockpit, there is a maximum of personalisation options and craftsmanship, with hand-stitched elements and modern technologies.

On the McLaren 570GT, you can find the signature dihedral doors and a cabin that appears to be more ergonomic and spacious. There two eight-way electrically adjustable sport seats have been integrated, upholstered in leather. There is also an easy to operate control interface that controls air conditioning, telephony, navigation system and audio system thanks to a simple centrally-mounted touchscreen. And all can be controle for the pilot or the passengers.

The big specificity of the McLaren 570GT is still its panoramic glass roof that is equipped with the SSF system (Sound & Solar Film), absorbing solar radiation and protecting from external noises, while regularising the cabin’s temperature. Always in an all-day use goal, a supplementary luggage compartment has been added at the back of the seats. It can be opened on the kerbside and is made with carbon fibre to warranty a maximum of rigidity.

Then, McLaren 570GT is equipped with Pirelli P Zero tires, that ensures passengers comfort reducing noises inside the cabin up to three decibels and absorbing the vibrations from the least viable roads.


All on the “standard” version reveals undeniable luxury such as the hand-stitched leathers, electrical adjustable heated seats with memory function and the rear parking sensors. Moreover, McLaren 570GT is equipped with soft close doors and quieter exhaust system.

As with each McLaren, the McLaren 570GT is customisable upon request with Luxury and Sport configurations for both the cockpit and the external colour range. Still on the “standard” model, you can benefit from the powerful McLaren Audio Plus system and different driving mode are available: Normal, Sport or Track.

Finally, McLaren 570GT has a McLaren 3.8litres twin-turbo V8 M838TE engine with 570PS and a seven-speeds seamless-shift transmission. The the supercar can achieve 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.4 seconds, 0 to 200km/h in only 9.8 seconds and a top speed of 328km/h, thanks to a light-weight carbon fibre chassis.

For all powerful supercar lovers who want to drive them in each occasion, you should know that the McLaren 570GT costs Euro 173.000 (154.000£-192.800 U$).

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