Monday, November 21, 2016

The best hotels of Monaco

Location, ambiance, amenities and impeccable service are at the top of our list when we choose city hotels. If you are drawn to the same things, stay with us, because today, we find the best hotels of Monaco, which will come in handy the next time you go to this meeting place for the jet-set.

This is probably the most famous hotel in Monaco, and on this pedestal is from its opening in 1863. It regularly finds its place in the Golden lists of numerous travel magazines, so it really has a lot to offer you - view at the Casino Square and the sea, extraordinary gourmet experience, private access to a giant pool and spa, private terraces to watch the Formula 1 and more. Also, this hotel has a great character - lovers of cinema will recognize it because of the James Bond films, while those who love jazz are sure to be familiar with Le Bar Americain, the most famous bar in Monaco. Currently, this hotel is under renovation, which will last another two years, and the goal of the renovation is a root fitness center, roof villas, retail space and redesigning of the guest rooms.

This is our personal favorite, because it is timeless, elegant and glamorous. It is located a little away from the bustling streets of the Golden Triangle, which gives privacy, space and tranquility. Upon entering the lobby of this hotel, everything you see will be bright. Pastel colors, elegant mosaic dome designed by Eiffel, seamless view of the Mediterranean, the marina and the Princely Palace ... what more do you need? Everything the hotel features is the testimony of the Belle Epoque era on the Riviera, enhanced by new technology and luxury amenities. Visit Crystal Bar and enjoy a drink and impeccable works of art signed by Lalique and Baccarat. Dine on the terrace of Vistamar restaurant and enjoy the view of the most beautiful superyachts in the world. Be sure to visit one of the biggest spa centers in Europe and thus recharge your batteries for the next day.

This palace from 1889 is located in the center of events. With views of the Casino Square, this hotel has its own small shopping mall. It is preferred by many people and has two restaurants, which are led by the famous chief Joel Robuchon. Views from the guest rooms and the area where it is located are truly unique - there are Mediterranean trees and silhouette of the Opera, which contribute to the romance. Adding prestige of this hotel, the pool recently got a redesign from the famous Karl Lagerfeld.

This is a truly unique hotel, which offers less than 30 rooms, looks directly at the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, and is located just five minutes from the city center. It is located in a building from the thirties of the last century, which was modernized by architect India Madhavi. It is exclusive, sophisticated and seductive. The decor is something that exudes ambience of the beach and opens to the sea and a private terrace of Elsa restaurant. Only a few steps from your room at this hotel, you will find an Olympic swimming pool and Monte Carlo Beach Club, where you can see the elite from around the world.

It is hard to imagine that this resort can exist in Monaco. The room on the ground is very limited, so the government long ago decided to allow the construction of the peninsula where now the hotel is located. Here a private casino is placed also, and the hotel offers the largest rooms in the city and definitely the best gardens and swimming pools. This hotel is something that you expect to see in Cancun, Dubai or in Bali, located just a few minutes from the center of events.

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