Thursday, May 10, 2018

BMW Designworks Refines The Virgin Hyperloop One

Back To The Future had nothing on this incredible design. Don’t take me wrong, I still love that DeLorean and it’s ‘super’ abilities, although that cool car was already impressive before the Flux Capacitor took it in a journey through time.
But nowadays we are looking at a completely different future, one where BMW Designworks has something to say about what’s what.

The special division from BMW joined forces with Virgin Hyperloop One in order to create a prototype design for the Dubai hyperloop capsule. Recently unveiled at City Walk Dubai, the full-scale hyperloop prototype before you has left everyone in the audience speechless.

The Hyperloop will be more cost efficient to society than airplanes, taking you from point A to point B at impressive speeds of up to 1,080 km/h. In the meantime, BMW Designworks has envisioned a comfortable and engaging interior, one that would not feel restrictive or claustrophobic.
The designers from BMW took inspiration from traditional Arabic patterns for this interior concept, which might explain the few cultural references complemented by a futuristic and progressive interpretation. The interior design concept would, in this case, also benefit from multi-directional and personally-controlled light sources that should make up for the lack of windows and the warmth of the sun’s rays.

Furthermore, digital displays and premium comfort options would allow passengers to enjoy adjustable leather seats fitted with touch screens, integrated heating, and cooling, while personalized entertainment goodies through built-in displays would make their hyperloop journey a dream. We’re ready to forget all about airplanes.

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