Thursday, May 3, 2018

Indulge Your Inner Speed Demon at Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

With its lineup of five-star hotels, golden-age casinos, and glimmering, lapis lazuli waters, Monaco on a normal day is more glamorous than most destinations.
But come May, the principality’s usual levels of glitz are dialed up to dizzying heights as a fresh crop of well-heeled visitors gear up to watch the best Formula 1 drivers rip their way through the Sainte Dévote curve and narrow streets lining the Casino de Monte Carlo during the annual Monaco Grand Prix.
While settling into the grandstands on May 27th will get you plenty close to the iconic track—guests of the ritzy Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo will have a chance to get even closer to the race day action with the property’s exclusive Grand Prix packages. The indulgence begins for guests that book the VIP package before they even arrive in Monte-Carlo, as the hotel will whisk them to and from the airport in a private helicopter charter. Once they touch-down, they can check into one of the property’s top suites like the rooftop Carré d’Or, which, with its nearly 1,200 square-foot terrace boasting views of the Casino de Monte-Carlo and shimmering sea, is one of the most indulgent in the region (a title hard-won with competition like nearby Hôtel deParis’s new Grace Kelly Suite).

If simply spectating isn’t enough, guests staying at the Hotel Metropole will also have an exclusive opportunity to get behind the wheel of an F1 rocket. The property’s Get Dizzy With Speed package will let wannabe-racers get as close to the Grand Prix action as possible—letting them flex their muscles on the hairpin turns of famed Circuit du Luc in Provence, as the city streets that make up the Monaco track are unfortunately reserved only for the professionals. Guests will get a crash course in racing from a certified Formula 1 driver upon arrival, and will then be set free on the tracks to maneuver the curves and gun it through the straights.

When not indulging their inner speed demon or watching the real racers battle it out for the trophy, guests can wine and dine at the hotels’ Restaurant Joel Robuchon, head to the property’s VIP lounge for a cocktail, or simply walk the sun-soaked streets to see and be seen with the rest of the jet-set crowd.

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