Sunday, May 13, 2018

SUV Rolls-Royce Cullinan Is the Most Practical of Rolls-Royces

The most anticipated car of 2018 and, quite possibly, the most anticipated Rolls-Royce of all time, Rolls-Royce Cullinan is finally unveiled!
Named after the largest diamond ever discovered which now resides in the British Crown Jewels, the super-luxury SUV is the jewel in its own right. The 6.75 litre twin-turbo V12 Rolls-Royce engine delivers 563bhp/420kW and 850Nm/627lb ft of torque to the all-new all-wheel drive, all-wheel steer system needed to overcome any challenge.
One touch of the unlock button on the Bespoke key, or reaching out to its beautifully tactile stainless steel door handle, awakens Cullinan. It lowers itself by 40mm to make entry effortless as the iconic Rolls-Royce coach doors stand open to welcome driver and passengers to their adventure. The information is clearly communicated by the latest generation of digital instruments: the central information screen is for the first time touch sensitive, allowing the driver to quickly select functions, map views and vehicle set-up whilst on the trail; Night Vision and Vision Assist including daytime and night-time Wildlife & Pedestrian warning; Alertness Assistant; a 4-Camera system with Panoramic View, all-round visibility and helicopter view; Active Cruise Control; Collision Warning; Cross-Traffic Warning, Lane Departure and Lane Change Warning; an industry leading 7×3 High-Resolution Head-Up Display, WiFi hotspot, and of course the latest Navigation and Entertainment Systems.
The second new Rolls-Royce to sit on the all-new aluminium ‘Architecture of Luxury’, Cullinan is the only purpose-built luxury SUV in the world. The engineering team adapted the Architecture of Luxury to the design template of a high-bodied car laid down by Giles Taylor and his design team thanks to its innate adaptability. The integration of new technologies into the architecture ensures the fundamental quality of SUV as Effortless, Everywhere. Tested to destruction all over the planet, Cullinan is an incredibly capable off-roader that sees the development of the ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ for off-road enjoyment, without sacrificing any Rolls-Royce on-road behavior.
Cullinan sports muscular face: lights and air intakes are deep set into the bodywork and strong vertical and horizontal lines create a powerful visage, with the prominent brow of a Saxon warrior created by the line that runs across the top of the pantheon grille and ‘eyebrow’-like daytime running lights. The grille is created from hand-polished stainless steel and the Rolls-Royce badge and Spirit of Ecstasy sit above the line of the wing. Away from the face of the SUV the vertical lines that run from the A-pillars down along the raised bonnet edge, down the side of the grille and into the metal skid plate below emphasise the height of the car and its dominant character.
The cabin of Cullinan is the combination of authentic Rolls-Royce luxury with simple, symmetrical functionality. The centre stack is framed by hand-finished metal pillars that bridge the upper fascia and middle console. The upper fascia is outfitted with a newly developed contemporary ‘Box Grain’ black leather – a durable and water resistant boarded leather similar to that used in Italian high-end luggage and handbag design. Supporting this upper section is a strong band of wood that is moulded in three-dimensions to flow out to the centre stack.
The seats are designed to match the casual and dynamic quality of Cullinan. They feature a simple but modern horseshoe graphic which emphasises the supportive bolsters of the seat. The rear passenger seats are offered in two configurations – Lounge Seats or Individual Seats. The Lounge Seat configuration features three seats in the rear, that fold electronically in a number of configurations by pressing the appropriate button in the boot or rear door pocket. 
One press sees each backrest effortlessly fold down, whist at the same time moving the headrests upwards to avoid making an imprint on the seat cushion. Both seat backs can be folded completely, creating a flat load area or in a 2/3 and 1/3 split, increasing practicality even further. Rear passengers can still travel with a long load, or use the carpeted seat back as an occasional table on which to rest their precious personal items.
The Individual Seat configuration features two individual rear seats that are separated by a Fixed Rear Centre Console incorporating a drinks cabinet with Rolls-Royce whisky glasses and decanter, champagne flutes and refrigerator. One final feature brings Rolls-Royce’s ultimate level of luxury to this configuration of Cullinan, creating the first truly “three-box” SUV. Inspired by the age when one never travelled with one’s luggage, a glass partition isolates the passenger cabin from the luggage compartment, creating an inner ecosystem for the occupants.

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