Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Richard Branson, head of Virgin companie has published a book, "Like a Virgin: Secrets They Will not Teach You at Business School" which gives tips on how to succeed in business...

Tips provided are certainly useful, because they come from a man in 1970. founded the company, and today is the only businessman in the world who has eight companies in eight different Even Branson himselfI said that who knows where he would be now if he has continued his education which is full of conventional stuff.
Business Insider "pulled" from Branson's book 18 advicses, and we are writing them for you.

1. Do not do something, that if you're not enjoying it, according to Branson, the business needs a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but at the end of the day should you create something you're proud of.

2. Be visible - in Branson advice book he quotes Sir Freddie Laker that it's important to appear on the front page, not on the last page. "You'll have to get out there and sell yourself. Make a fool of yourself, whatever you need, otherwise you will not survive. "

3. Carefully choose the name - Branson made sure that his name "Virgin" present value, improved service and new, sexy approach. He states in his book that the name came up as he was sitting with a group of 16-year-old to drink.

4. You can not run a business without some risk ."Brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all," says Branson.

5. Everything is about first impression. With first impression you are the buying customer, and with second impression you keep it with you.

6. Perfection is unattainable. There is a danger that when someone does something perfectly well, sit down, relax and enjoy our laurels, while there anyone else angry about this and is working to become better.That is why Branson not give a 100-percent rating when evaluating any of his employees their work.

7. The customer is mostly always right. Branson says that his job must never be directed towards that whatever your client says must be right. The customer is always right, should be the motto of the company, but not in all cases.

8. Define your brand - he recommends those things that Virgin did not do, and that is to focus on different industries. But he says that the definition of its brand is actually "finding new ways to help people have a good time." If you do not define your brand, it will do your competitors, says Branson.

9. He compares explore uncharted territory in the exploration of new business, as well as research in science or geography. "There's a lot that still has not been revealed, was found, done. Exploring the unexplored parts of the business can lead you to new ideas. "

10. Beware of the environment where there is a "them and us". Workspace has to be a place where the boss and his employees to work together for a common goal. "If an employee is not identified with his company, then that's a sign that people are on top and those at the bottom do not communicate," says Branson.
11. Build relaxed corporate zone "Need is connected, motivated and dedicated workforce for the first-class products and a successful company"

12. Everybody can`t be managers - Manager should be someone who brings out the best from an employee, someone who communicates well with everyone and helpis employees to learn from their mistakes.

13. Seeking a second opinion. Seeking a third Branson says you have to be a good listener if you want to succeed. And that means a lot of ideas, a lot of people, and then the final decision. He says it can save you a lot of time and money.

14. Do not burn your bridges behind you - Good businessmen know when business deals end. What you decide to go in a different direction from the business partner does not mean that it has to finish ugly.

15. Use your phone. Branson believes that lately people are increasingly using e-mails and text messages, and that they should use the regular phone and the normal meeting "face to face". Problems are difficult to solve through SMS messages and there's nothing worse than let problems escalate, and everything can be solved with one phone call.

16. We should not be afraid of change, but they need to be addressed. Businessman should be prepared to adapt and not be homesick for his company. "Sometimes the opportunities in the market, you have to go in a new direction. Find a way to inspire your employees to think like entrepreneurs ... you give them more responsibility, they will be better. "

17. When you make mistakes, take a step back, do not fall down. Your decisions may not always be the best. We all make mistakes, but when you make a mistake, meet up with that decision, "face to face" and be honest with yourself. Discover the problem and resolve it.

18. Be a leader, not a boss, boss orders, and leader organizes. A good corporate leader is someone who just does not execute his ideas, but inspire others to go out tell theirs. "The thing that annoys me the most is when someone says," OK, you're the boss. " It is as if you said, "OK, I disagree with you, but I'll do it just because you said so. But if that does not work, I will first remind you that it was not my idea. "

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